Kodi/XBMC addon released

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The codebased for my Digitally Imported and RadioTunes addon for Kodi have been reworked to work with RockRadio.comicon

The addon has just been pushed to the Kodi staff, and should show up in the Music Addons section of Kodi within the next 24 hours.

Theres a thread dedicated to the addon on the Kodi forum here:


RadioTunes XBMC plugin (formerly

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Recently, the streaming music service changed it’s name to, and with that, my XBMC plugin broke.RadioTunes XBMC icon

So now I’ve made a “new” plugin called RadioTunes, that does basicly what the plugin did – just with a new icon too look at, while it’s doing it ;)

The plugin is now available in the official XBMC Gotham and Helix addons repositories – it should theoretically also work with Frodo.

Forum thread on XBMC forum:

Source code can be found here:

RadioTunes XBMC screenshot 1 RadioTunes XBMC screenshot 2 RadioTunes XBMC screenshot 3

Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v3.0.x released

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About a month ago I released version 3.0.x of both the Digitally Imported and Sky.FM plugins for XBMC 12.x (codename Frodo).Digitally Imported XBMC plugin logo

Once again I’ve done a total rewrite of the code, making it (the code) much less dependent on the HTML/DOM layout of the pages by using the JSON available on the sites.
The most obvious change for users of the plugins are that they have gotten A LOT faster by multithreading the processes handeling getting of channelart and channel streams. XBMC addon iconA few small fixes have been made to both plugins since their release about a month ago, making the latest version of the Digitally Imported plugin 3.0.2 and Sky.FM 3.0.4.

Digitally Imported source:
Sky.FM source: v1.0.0 XBMC addon released

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Little over a week ago my latest XBMC addon,, got added to the offfical Eden repository.

JazzRadio.coms own description:
Presenting jazz radio channels for your enjoyment. Listen for free and enjoy countless hours of the best jazz music around.

26 Oct 2012 v1.0.0
+ Initial release
+ Premium and premium favorites support
+ Automatic download of new channel art for new channels

Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v2.0.0 released

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I finally got around to rewriting the and addons so they have a much more generalized codebase, so they make use of JSON data available with the URLs to playlists etc.

This makes them independent of the frontpages design and the regexs that was used to scrape the needed data from the frontpages html in the last version, and thus making it much less prone to break.

The icons used to represent each channel, is still scraped from the frontpage html using regex, as theres no JSON for those, and even if the frontpage changed radically, the addons should continue to work without icons, till the regexs could be updated.

Both addons can now be found in the official XBMC addon repository, in the Music addons category.

Sources for the addons can be found at my Github here:

Here are some screenshots showing off how great the Aeon Nox skin makes the addons look.

Started looking into a XBMC addon

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Great Scott! Since the addon was added to the official XBMC repository on the 26th of April, a week ago, the number of active Digitally Imported addons has gone past 1300+, spread over 80+ different countries:

So after seeing this positive feedback, I’ve started laying down the groundwork and repurposing the Digitially Imported XBMC plugin, to enable it to play streams.

As can be seen from the attached screenshot, the selection of music from can be a bit more *cough* retro, from what users are used to ;)

Digitally Imported addon v1.1.1 in the official XBMC Eden music addon repository

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I finally reached my goal and the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin can now be found in the official XBMC music addon repository.

What was fixed to make the addon worthy of the official XBMC 11 (Eden) music repo:

  • Changed cache path from using xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘path’) to xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘profile’)
  • Renamed resource/language/english to resource/language/English
  • Localized on-screen strings (used in dialogboxes)

Everyone who has installed earlier versions manually, should be auto-updated.

On another note, my XBMC statistics page now shows 150 active installations.

The info that gets sent is country, plugin version and accounttype (if your using public or premium streams).
You can op-out of this by going to the addon settings, and disable “Allow submitting of stats”.

Because the XBMC 10 (Dharma) repository does not accept new addons anymore, I’ve made a Dharma compliant version that you have to download from below.
Download Digitally Imported XBMC Dharma addon v1.1.1

Addon source, can be see on Github here:
You can pull the source from the Github repo here: git://

Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.1.0

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UPDATE: Version 1.1.1 of  the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin has been released

I finally got around to updating/redoing my Digitally Imported addon adding a lot of features I’ve wanted to do for a long time – and in the process rewriting about 80% of the code making it much cleaner and about 150 codelines lighter.

Also, with this released I’ve uploaded the source code to Github, hoping to have the plugin accepted in the Official XBMC add-on repository – and is currently awaiting approval from the XBMC staff – and when that happens it should be available to all XBMC 10 users and up.

When the plugin gets approved, it should (hopefully) auto-update the 1.0 version that people have manually installed from the .zip in the last release – which has 1500+ downloads so far by the way.

Also, as described in the changes below, I’ve made a stats functionality and it’s results is available at and is optional, but on be default – and I know it’s a bit of a cheap trick ;) The statspage has only been set up quickly, I’ll work a bit more on it when stats starts coming in.

This new version has been tested on Linux and Win7 and XBMC 10 (Dharma) and XBMC 11 (Eden).

Whats new:

  • The addon is now GPL2
  • Added AAC+ streams – 1/2 bandwidth for the same quality
  • Premium AAC+ streams available 40/64/128k
  • Channelart will automatically be downloaded – for when new channels are added
  • Notification when new channels are added and new channels (when new channelart is found) are highlighted in orange – remains hightlighted till the cache is refreshed
  • Added stats system – results of this will be visible at

What’s been improved/fixed:

  • Overhauled the whole plugin, removed lots of duplicate/redundant code = ~150 lines lighter code
  • Filesystem paths are resolved using getAddonInfo(‘path’) instead of os.getcwd()
  • All log output to switched from using the print function to xbmc.log
  • Revised add-on settings page – categorized in tabs

What’s been removed:

  • Removed MP3 stream support

Again, hopefully the plugin will be approved very soon, but I’ll put up the download link here one last time here.

Download Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.1.0

Instructions for installing the plugin can be found here, in the previous post for when v1.0 was released. It’s fine to either overwrite the old directory or deleting it first – deleting it will get rid of deprecated files though.

If you’d like to check out the source, the Git can be found here:

Also you can pull from the Git repo here: git://

Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.0

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UPDATE: Version 1.1.1 of  the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin has been released

I had holiday between Christmas and New Years, and pulled myself together and finshed up the Digitally Imported streaming music plugin for XBMC, finally hitting version 1.0.

This was actually quite lucky I had started work on it again as XBMC 11.0 Eden: Beta got release – which works great – and as Digitally Imported changed their website design at New Years, meaning: the plugin broke.

Version 1.0 means I’ve implemented all the functionality I originally set out to do:

  • Streaming of 96k public streams
  • The option to choose A-Z sorting or let the streams be displayed in the order they are at
  • A configurable cache function of stream URLs, for faster loading of the streamlist when using cached version + to not hammer DIs webserver (6 hours cache by default)
  • Unique channel icons for every channel – thank you to Ari Shohat from Digitally Imported for permission to use them
  • Premium login and premium streams
  • Premium users have the option to choose between 256k and 128k streams
  • Premium users may choose to use their ‘My Favorites’ playlist, only showing the streams they want

Download Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.0

What you need to do:

  • Make sure you have at least XBMC 10.1 – codename Dharma (XBMC 10.0 should work too)
  • Download Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.0
  • Unpack the archive, inside the archive is a folder called, move it to one of the following locations, depending on your OS. Some unpacking programs extracts to a folder with the same name as the file it extracted from, meaning you could end up with a folder within the folder – Inception style – and that could screw things up.
    • Linux/Ubuntu – ~/.xbmc/addons/
    • Windows – C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\
    • OS X – ~/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/
  • From XBMC, the plugin is configured by left clicking or pressing C on the Digitally Imported folder in the music add-ons category and choosing Add-on settings.

The Digitally Imported XBMC plugin is broken

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Around New Years Eve, changed it’s design, and thereby the plugin “broke”, or at least couldn’t find what it was looking for anymore.

Irony would have it that I had already started working on implementing the Premium settings the day before New Years, so I was made aware of the changes the day after.

I expect version 1.0 of the plugin to be out next weekend, around the 8th of January, with Premium, stream quality (premium has 256k and 128k) support and the option to use your ‘My Favorites’ playlist.

Download the updated Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.0 here