The Humble Indie Bundle 3 – DVD cover, disc label and LightScribe

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Ubuntu logoThe Humble Indie Bundle 3 got released the other day, and as the previous bundles you can pay what you want, and decide how much of the amount should be split between the developers, Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

And also like it’s predecessors, this bundle is also Cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) and DRM free!

This bundle contains 5 games:

As I have an obsession with having a physical copy of games I buy and this packaged being download only and DRM free at the same time, I decided to try to whip up a DVD cover, disc label and a LightScribe label for it, and thought I’d share it, as there may be 1-2 other crazy people out there like me, who wants to be able to have a physical copy of this awesome bundle on their shelf.

Download the covers here in .png format The Humble Indie Bundle 3 DVD cover, disc label and a LightScribe label

The bundle was recently updated with two more games, new cover available here.

Preview pics in .jpg format, don’t print from these.

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  1. Simple,yet great.Good job!

  2. Any chance you could make covers for the other HiBs? People who ordered #3 got #2 for free, so you’d even have a use for that one. I’d just like to have them all labeled for uniformity. Though I missed out on the Frozenbyte one.

  3. I’ve made a cover for the Humble Indie Bundle 2 now. I don’t have the graphics for the first Humble Indie Bundle though – the shelf with the game icons and the logo from the bundle.
    Hope you like it though.

  4. Hey Bitcrusher, I allowed myself to make a cover for the first HIB based on your great work!!. Here is the link to it – I included 2 versions – one with the old letters and one with the new. I allso included my gimp file if you want to mess around with it.

  5. Just adding, that I had to substitute the font since I had now idea which one you used and that i didnt make the lightscribe cover