The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle – DVD cover, disc label and LightScribe

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Ubuntu logoThe Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle was released about a month ago, but I didn’t get around to finishing the cover for it before now.

The bundle includes:

Download The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle DVD cover, disc label and a LightScribe label.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful covers!

    Would it possible for you to post a tutorial for making dvd covers and labels detailing the process you go through?

  2. I’m not sure how I would approach making a DVD cover/label tutorial, but how would you feel about me whipping together some PSD template files you could use as a base?

  3. Honestly I would appreciate any help I could get, be it PSD files or instructions. With each additional piece of info I feel I can get closer to learning how to do them myself.

  4. Bucifal, sorry about the long delay before responding.
    I decided to look around and see what others have done before starting anything my self, and found this great PSD template for DVD covers.
    You can print the coverr with Cover XP, there seems to be an free/ad-driven version of it, at the bottom of the download page:
    That should definitely get you going :)

  5. Thanks a lot Bitcrusher. No worries about the delay :)

    I’ll get started with that tutorial. There are a lot of indie bundles out there and I’d like to have covers for all of them.

    I hope I’ll be seeing more of your work and maybe a couple of personal tips whenever you have the time to share a nugget or two :)


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