The Humble Indie Bundle 4 – DVD cover, disc label and LightScribe

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Ubuntu logoAnother month = another bunch of high quality DRM free, native Linux games.

The Humble Indie Bundle 4 includes:

  • Gratuitous Space Battles
  • Cave Story+
  • Jamestown
  • Bit.Trip Runner
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Shank
  • Nightsky HD

Download The Humble Indie Bundle 4 DVD cover, disc label and a LightScribe label

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  1. Hi,
    I don’t know if you have seen my comment on the HIB3 cover – I basically allowed myself to make a cover for the first HIB based on your great work!!. The file linked below includes 2 versions – one with the old letters and one with the new.You can also mess around with the included gimp file if you want to set the font to the right one.

    Let me know if you downloaded it so than I can move it off my dropboxfolder.

    Cheers and thanks for your great covers – got them all printed and nicely lined up in the shelf.

  2. Hi Archean

    Yes, I saw it, and quickly approved the comment, but deferred from answering it as I was pretty pressed for time during the weekend – so sorry about that.
    About the cover, it looks good, I didn’t manage to find the HIB1 art required to actually make the cover in the past, so kudos on actually finding it.
    The font I used is Droid Sans Mono, that I prefer in my code editors – it’s also brilliant for *nix terminals in green, on a black background for that retro effect ;)

    Here’s the ,ttf for Windows and a guide/.deb for Ubuntu

    You say you use GIMP, which may hint your using *UNIX of some sort, but if you’re a dual booting person, I suggest giving a try – maybe it will run under Mono?
    I’ve tried using GIMP in the past, but sadly it will never beat the almighty Photoshop in functionality nor quality of the picture.
    I will say you’ve done a good job though, the only real sign of you using GIMP for that cover is that the font edges aren’t smoothed, like Photoshop does/can.

    Glad you appreciate the covers, I’ll get the Voxatron Bundle done soon – albeit a little late ;)

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the info on the font – I replaced it in the cover – though the nimbus sans was a pretty close call already since i barely see the difference. I updated the zip for you and added my( self googled) source material (eg. shelf ) to the package. Besides Frozen Synapse and Introversion I got all your covers printed and beautifying my bookcase now. Looking forward to the Voxatron Bundle Cover.

    For Gimp – You are right it will never beat the almighty ps but its getting better all the time. I am working with both and more and more I find myself comfortable in Gimp. Big part of this was the one window change and to set the photoshop shortcuts to it

    HIB + Gimp = Linux user – was a good bet ;) I should have packaged my file in tar/gz on top of it ;)
    All the best from me

  4. Thanks a lot pal, I’m printing covers for my games and this is just what I wanted :D
    I just might make some edits since they’ll be backups from steam, you want me to send you the finished ones?

  5. Glad you like it :)
    What changes would you like to do? Is something missing from the bundle?
    If your into covers for Steam games, check out

  6. If you’te talking about SteamCovers, that’s where I got the idea of making covers for my backups :P
    And I already made the changes, not quise as good as yours but they’ll serve their purpose; on the Introversion Bundle cover I removed Aquaria and Crayon Physics (since they were already in older bundles) and added Dungeons of Dredmor; added Bit.Trip RUNNER on the cover for the HiB4; and created a cover for the Frozenbyte Bundle based on the others too.