Digitally Imported addon v1.1.1 in the official XBMC Eden music addon repository

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I finally reached my goal and the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin can now be found in the official XBMC music addon repository.

What was fixed to make the addon worthy of the official XBMC 11 (Eden) music repo:

  • Changed cache path from using xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘path’) to xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘profile’)
  • Renamed resource/language/english to resource/language/English
  • Localized on-screen strings (used in dialogboxes)

Everyone who has installed earlier versions manually, should be auto-updated.

On another note, my XBMC statistics page now shows 150 active installations.

The info that gets sent is country, plugin version and accounttype (if your using public or premium streams).
You can op-out of this by going to the addon settings, and disable “Allow submitting of stats”.

Because the XBMC 10 (Dharma) repository does not accept new addons anymore, I’ve made a Dharma compliant version that you have to download from below.
Download Digitally Imported XBMC Dharma addon v1.1.1

Addon source, can be see on Github here:
You can pull the source from the Github repo here: git://

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  1. Awesome plugin, I just added this to my Dharma box.

  2. I love this plugin! Keep up the great work!

  3. I love it – a state of trance is jamming! Working on figuring out where the in-depth settings for the codec / bitrate are at the moment :) I’m pretty stoked that South Africa has 91 users!

  4. Ah… It look’s like it’s set up perfectly by default :) AAC-HE 40kbps is the way of the future! Thanks for the ripper plugin – keep it up!

  5. Glad you like it :)
    You should consider buying a premium membership at though, then you get 128kbps ;)

  6. Is there aany way to change from AAC 128kbps to MP3 256kbps? I can’t seem to find it. On my home stereo I can clearly hear a difference between the two, so would be nice to be able to change to 256kbps MP3

  7. I would only do it if I could see a way to do it intuitive enough in the addons settings.
    The problem is there is the following Premium streams available:
    1 MP3 stream – 256k
    2 WMA streams – 64 and 128k
    3 AAC+ streams – 40, 64 and 128k (MP3 128k has been switched to AAC+ some time ago, the site just doesn’t reflect that change)

    I have yet to find an equivalent to normal programmings IF, ELSE IF and ELSE in the XML that defines a XBMC addons options and interface – if that was possible, I would definitely look into it.
    If you have an idea on how it could be done intuitively without those “functions”, I’d love to hear it.

    Till then, I hope you still enjoy the tunes :)

  8. Well I have a Premium account.

    After you’ve logged in with your premium account, couldn’t you somehow add the posibility to choose activate either MP3 streams of ACC streams and choose under each of those what quality you want?

    So the menu would look something like
    Radiobutton MP3
    Quality 256kbps

    Radiobutton ACC
    Quality 40/64/128

    and depending on what radiobutton you enable it will use that stream quality you have chosen?

  9. That would make the interface very cluttered in my opinion + you’d also need a selectionmenu where you actually choose to use MP3 or AAC, meaning 3 (4 incl. WMA) extra options to the list.
    Since the previous reply I made a couple of hours ago, I have been considering making a quality selection spanning over 64-256k, and adding a notice that 256k is MP3 – but I’ll have to try it out first and see if I can make the interface represent it properly.
    I’d also like to redo the way channels are “extracted” from, by using JSON instead and thereby hopefully making the addon more futureproof – and while doing that, I’d try out merging the AAC+ and MP3 streamqualities.
    But sadly my time for projects like this has been spares as of late, so there’s not ETA on an update.

  10. Hey Bitcrusher, nice add-on really like it.
    Did you get any further with the 256kbps stream?
    I would love to have this implemented. I also woulden’t mind if I have to do some coding, if you know where and what to change.

  11. I have pushed a new version of the plugin on the 22-23, but Christmas (understandably) has gotten in the way of it being pull to the plugin repo.
    There was no additional programming involved, I simply forgot to add 256k to the settings file.

    I would imagine there’s a possibility it will be pulled tonight.

    So sit tight :)

  12. Sorry couldn’t sit tight. Fixed it and its perfectly working ;) thx

  13. Love and your xbmc Add-On, but when i login with my Pro account, the addon can’t find “the next itm in playlist” (like NO tream can be found, checked different settings – works finde, when I remove my login data, and go reglar again.. ;( )

    newest Rapspbmc on Raspberrypi (rev2), DI Version 2.1.0

    thanx 4 help :)

  14. ok. please delete my last (3 including this one) posts..

    I AM STUPID.. (and did not renew my payments at DI.. now everything works fine.. ) thanx. Great Add On!

  15. Hi there. Great job!
    Love your plugin!
    I have read comments above and please do not forget to add 256k as you did last time ;-)