Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.1.0

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UPDATE: Version 1.1.1 of  the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin has been released

I finally got around to updating/redoing my Digitally Imported addon adding a lot of features I’ve wanted to do for a long time – and in the process rewriting about 80% of the code making it much cleaner and about 150 codelines lighter.

Also, with this released I’ve uploaded the source code to Github, hoping to have the plugin accepted in the Official XBMC add-on repository – and is currently awaiting approval from the XBMC staff – and when that happens it should be available to all XBMC 10 users and up.

When the plugin gets approved, it should (hopefully) auto-update the 1.0 version that people have manually installed from the .zip in the last release – which has 1500+ downloads so far by the way.

Also, as described in the changes below, I’ve made a stats functionality and it’s results is available at and is optional, but on be default – and I know it’s a bit of a cheap trick ;) The statspage has only been set up quickly, I’ll work a bit more on it when stats starts coming in.

This new version has been tested on Linux and Win7 and XBMC 10 (Dharma) and XBMC 11 (Eden).

Whats new:

  • The addon is now GPL2
  • Added AAC+ streams – 1/2 bandwidth for the same quality
  • Premium AAC+ streams available 40/64/128k
  • Channelart will automatically be downloaded – for when new channels are added
  • Notification when new channels are added and new channels (when new channelart is found) are highlighted in orange – remains hightlighted till the cache is refreshed
  • Added stats system – results of this will be visible at

What’s been improved/fixed:

  • Overhauled the whole plugin, removed lots of duplicate/redundant code = ~150 lines lighter code
  • Filesystem paths are resolved using getAddonInfo(‘path’) instead of os.getcwd()
  • All log output to switched from using the print function to xbmc.log
  • Revised add-on settings page – categorized in tabs

What’s been removed:

  • Removed MP3 stream support

Again, hopefully the plugin will be approved very soon, but I’ll put up the download link here one last time here.

Download Digitally Imported XBMC plugin v1.1.0

Instructions for installing the plugin can be found here, in the previous post for when v1.0 was released. It’s fine to either overwrite the old directory or deleting it first – deleting it will get rid of deprecated files though.

If you’d like to check out the source, the Git can be found here:

Also you can pull from the Git repo here: git://

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  1. Shame you say that MP3 streams have been removed. Wasn’t the premium 256kbit stream MP3? Some may still like to use that one.

  2. Yes, the 256k stream is still MP3, but the 128k “MP3″ premium stream is actually AAC+, and was apparently switched from MP3 some between the released of the DI addon v1.0 back in January and three weeks ago – meaning 128k MP3 didn’t work in the plugin.
    Also, because of the way XBMCs interface is done (not meant as a critique), for example I coulden’t find an intuitive way to make the streamquality setting reflect that it only affected AAC+ streams and not the single MP3 stream/quality available.
    I used to listen to the MP3 as well, but since focusing on making find AAC+ work, I’ve found out that AAC+ requires less CPU to decode (good for Atom processors) and (in my opinon) sounds just as good.
    Hope you enjoy the addon, despite the lack of MP3.

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