Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v2.0.0 released

Posted by | Posted in Python, XBMC | Posted on 06-10-2012

I finally got around to rewriting the and addons so they have a much more generalized codebase, so they make use of JSON data available with the URLs to playlists etc.

This makes them independent of the frontpages design and the regexs that was used to scrape the needed data from the frontpages html in the last version, and thus making it much less prone to break.

The icons used to represent each channel, is still scraped from the frontpage html using regex, as theres no JSON for those, and even if the frontpage changed radically, the addons should continue to work without icons, till the regexs could be updated.

Both addons can now be found in the official XBMC addon repository, in the Music addons category.

Sources for the addons can be found at my Github here:

Here are some screenshots showing off how great the Aeon Nox skin makes the addons look.

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  1. Does the add-on also support the higher quality (265 kb) premium stream? Or is will this functionality be added soon?

    I love the add-on otherwise, but on my stereo I can easily hear the difference in quality when I can’t use the best stream…

  2. I think I’ll might add the 256k/sec MP3 stream as the 4th quality option in an update – see no reason why it should not be there.

  3. I really like this addon! And as a premium user of, I would like to be able to choose the highest quality possible, 256KB/s.

    When will we see this feature? :)

  4. Version 2.1.0 is here, still can’t choose 256kbps in the settings :(

  5. A friend of mine made a Windows player for DI, SKY, JazzRadio and Rockradio (they all use the same API). If you’re interested in how we get stream URLs and more, be sure to check out my documentation about the DI/SKY/Jazz/Rockradio API.

  6. And BTW, I think you should have a look at the “batch_update” API feature, it’s the API used for the mobile apps. It contains: stream URLs for specified formats, channel art URLs and track history.

    Also, thanks for your sources! I couldn’t figure out how to get the listen key by user name and password :)

  7. Documentation can be found here:

  8. Thanks! Love it! But 256k is a must for this to be of any use for me :(

  9. But that has already been added in v2.1.0 which is available to both Eden and Frodo, so no worries – you can hear you 256k/sec right now ;)

  10. The (and plugin fails with a: “Script failed” error on my Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc.

    This is what it throws in the log:

  11. Just checked and it’s exactly the same error with 2.1.1

  12. Have an issue with the ‘Top Hits’ stream in that it actually plays the ‘Uptempo Smooth Jazz’ stream (which happens to be the next stream in the list). Each stream either side of it is fine and plays correctly.

    Have forced a cache refresh via the add-on settings without luck. Running XBMC Frodo on a Raspberry Pi.

    Renesdk… I’m not getting the script issue at all with RaspBMC, 2.1.0 of the plugin.

  13. Same here, XBMC 3.2, 3.2.1. and 3.3BETA fresh installed, tested DI plugin in every build, result: script error. BUT the DI plugin inside JansXBMC before 3.3 stable works at 70 %, some radio streams are playing, some not. Any idea ?

  14. Confirm: I have the same error with my Raspberry Pi (script error). Thanks for checking; BitCrusher! :-)

  15. It is very unresponsive (takes minutes before any controls show up) when having played nusic non-stop for a day… Can this be fixed somehow?

  16. Hello, I just downloaded and installed v3.0.3 for XBMC Frodo and I keep getting a plug in error stating that the script failed. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  17. Since the last update of 3.0.3 addon for XBMC, it just stoped working.

    I use XBMC 12.3.

  18. This been fixed in version 3.0.4 released two days ago (Feb 2. 2014).