JazzRadio.com v1.0.0 XBMC addon released

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Little over a week ago my latest XBMC addon, JazzRadio.com, got added to the offfical Eden repository.

JazzRadio.coms own description:
Presenting jazz radio channels for your enjoyment. Listen for free and enjoy countless hours of the best jazz music around.

26 Oct 2012 v1.0.0
+ Initial release
+ Premium and premium favorites support
+ Automatic download of new channel art for new channels

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  1. Hello thanks for the great job on this! Now only the rockradio.com is missing to be complete :) keep up the great work on those all plugins!!!! thanks any way to donate?

  2. ahh i missed the donate on the side first time ;) 10EUR has been sent for all your great work on di.fm sky.fm jazzradio.com plugins!!!! maybe rockradio.com will follow

  3. Hey m4rtin and thank you for your generous donation :)
    I can promise you that RockRadio.com is already on my TODO list, I just thought their Beta phase woulden’t stretch out this long ;)
    It might soon be time to push out a version that only supports Beta though.

  4. Hi – unfortunately sky.fm XBMC addon does not work anymore – think it may be due to the new sky.fm site? Are you able to fix the plugin? Thanks

  5. Yes I know it broke last week, I just haven’t had time to look into it – hopefully this weekend I’ll fix it, something tells me it’s a very simple thing that has broken.
    The ironic thing is I completely redid the DI.fm and Sky.fm plugins codebase a month ago, to accomodate for the new site layouts.

  6. Thank you very much for the JazzRadio repository. Everything seems to work just fine. Nice work :-)

    I’m in doubt whether the premium login works or not. It still says 40 kb in the channel list, even though 128 kb is selected in the premium settings. Would be nice with a ‘Login success’ message, when login is successful.

  7. Is Jazz Radio 1.0.0 now broken as it does not play on my new MX2 midnight box using Frodo 12.3. I loaded it into XBMC only this week.

  8. Hello, seems to be blocked on XBMC 13.1… Any chance to make it work again? I love your plugin…
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi MrG

    Just asked the XBMC guys to make the latest version (v3.0.0) of the JazzRadio plugin available to Frodo and Gotham users :)
    It usually becomes available within a day, so let’s cross our fingers for tomorrow (Sunday).

  10. JazzRadio add-on for XBMC 13.1 — excellent! I have a premium subscription to JR and the add-on handles it just fine. Having said that, nothing to do with the audio streams, but I no longer have the icons (channel art), just the generic XBMC media icon for each channel. The About tab says version 3.0.0 — any way to restore artwork?

  11. Not sure why my previous post never cleared moderation; however, now my premium login does not work either. This is in addition to no icon at being downloaded as previously mentioned. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  12. Premium account login seems to be working now. It’s nice to have the better quality audio and to be commercial-free again. Still no channel artwork.

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