Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v3.0.x released

Posted by | Posted in XBMC | Posted on 04-02-2014

About a month ago I released version 3.0.x of both the Digitally Imported and Sky.FM plugins for XBMC 12.x (codename Frodo).Digitally Imported XBMC plugin logo

Once again I’ve done a total rewrite of the code, making it (the code) much less dependent on the HTML/DOM layout of the pages by using the JSON available on the sites.
The most obvious change for users of the plugins are that they have gotten A LOT faster by multithreading the processes handeling getting of channelart and channel streams. XBMC addon iconA few small fixes have been made to both plugins since their release about a month ago, making the latest version of the Digitally Imported plugin 3.0.2 and Sky.FM 3.0.4.

Digitally Imported source:
Sky.FM source: