Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v3.0.x released

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About a month ago I released version 3.0.x of both the Digitally Imported and Sky.FM plugins for XBMC 12.x (codename Frodo).Digitally Imported XBMC plugin logo

Once again I’ve done a total rewrite of the code, making it (the code) much less dependent on the HTML/DOM layout of the pages by using the JSON available on the sites.
The most obvious change for users of the plugins are that they have gotten A LOT faster by multithreading the processes handeling getting of channelart and channel streams. XBMC addon iconA few small fixes have been made to both plugins since their release about a month ago, making the latest version of the Digitally Imported plugin 3.0.2 and Sky.FM 3.0.4.

Digitally Imported source:
Sky.FM source:

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  1. Thanks for some truly great plugins! Will the Rockradio plugin be released as well, I read something dated 2012 about that… I would be really glad if you did that. Great work!

  2. found a better way. never mind. :)

  3. Awesome plugin, use it alot, unfortunately its broken since a couple of days. . Most likely they changed something on the site. Favorites bookmarked work fine.

    Looking forward for an update.

  4. I hope by broken, you “only” mean the Premium login?
    I’ve just sent a pull request to the XBMC staff, so I hope that within the next 24 hours everyone will have been auto updated.

  5. Awesome, its working again =)

  6. I just recently installed the DI.FM plugin on XBMC ‘Gotham’ for my Raspberry Pi. The addon installed okay, however I get a Script Error when trying to run it.



  7. As of now, Sky.Fm is not writing for me…… I’m on the Android platform OS version 4.1.1. I’ve done everythingI can think of to get it to work…. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the whole XBMC software…. Still not working…. I’mgetting ONE OR MORE ITEMS FAILED TO PLAY…..

  8. great plugin, many thanks!
    But one thing: since 2 days I don’t get any streams with my premium account. Has there something changed?
    The plugin don’t show anything, it’s empty.

  9. Moonfire: update to the latest version, it’s been updated on github last night

  10. I am having trouble with the Digitally Imported addon on a Rpi with Openelec 4.0.7/Gotham.
    It stutters and it has a high CPU load. (most of the times it is at 100%)
    Is this addon not suitable for Gotham?

    Please let me know.

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