Digitally Imported and XBMC addons v2.0.0 released

Posted by | Posted in Python, XBMC | Posted on 06-10-2012

I finally got around to rewriting the and addons so they have a much more generalized codebase, so they make use of JSON data available with the URLs to playlists etc.

This makes them independent of the frontpages design and the regexs that was used to scrape the needed data from the frontpages html in the last version, and thus making it much less prone to break.

The icons used to represent each channel, is still scraped from the frontpage html using regex, as theres no JSON for those, and even if the frontpage changed radically, the addons should continue to work without icons, till the regexs could be updated.

Both addons can now be found in the official XBMC addon repository, in the Music addons category.

Sources for the addons can be found at my Github here:

Here are some screenshots showing off how great the Aeon Nox skin makes the addons look.