Digitally Imported addon v1.1.1 in the official XBMC Eden music addon repository

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 27-04-2012

I finally reached my goal and the Digitally Imported XBMC plugin can now be found in the official XBMC music addon repository.

What was fixed to make the addon worthy of the official XBMC 11 (Eden) music repo:

  • Changed cache path from using xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘path’) to xbmc.getaddoninfo(‘profile’)
  • Renamed resource/language/english to resource/language/English
  • Localized on-screen strings (used in dialogboxes)

Everyone who has installed earlier versions manually, should be auto-updated.

On another note, my XBMC statistics page now shows 150 active installations.

The info that gets sent is country, plugin version and accounttype (if your using public or premium streams).
You can op-out of this by going to the addon settings, and disable “Allow submitting of stats”.

Because the XBMC 10 (Dharma) repository does not accept new addons anymore, I’ve made a Dharma compliant version that you have to download from below.
Download Digitally Imported XBMC Dharma addon v1.1.1

Addon source, can be see on Github here:
You can pull the source from the Github repo here: git://